GSoC The Beginning

So, time for an update.

I was working with the CCExtractor org for some time. I was recommended this organisation by a friend and they do some very nice work. They specalize in tools that help extract subtitles out of video files. It is a pretty sweet tool, if I say so myself.

My project is a bit on the tangent from their core work. I will be working on Project Nephos. Red Hen, a sister organisation to CCExtractor is involved in downloading local TV channels and archiving them. They use this data for a lot of research purposes. My job is to build a tool to automate this lifecycle; from downloading the data to uploading them to the cloud and everything in between.

I am partnered with another great guy on this project and I hope this turns out to be a great success. I will be posting regular updates here, so stay tuned. You can also follow the code directly from the github repo

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