Aaditya M Nair

You already seem to know my name (P.S. look above), so we are done with that. Now let’s talk buisness.

Who am I?

I am a 23 year old guy born and raised in Bhilai. Currently I am at my college in Hyderabad. Oh yeah, both of those places are in India.

What am I doing?

I am pursuing a dual-degree at IIIT-Hyderabad. That means that at the end of my 5 year course, I will recieve both aMasters and a Bachelors in Computer Science.
As it turns out, my MS is through research, which means that, to get my degree, I have to contribute something significant (usually in the form of a research paper) to human knowledge. To that end, I am working under Dr. Lalitha Vadlamani towards optimising MapReduce.

That was my day job. By night, I am a sysadmin for this institute. It involves our team managing a bunch of our infrastructure like mail servers, proxy, local websites, etc. On an average day, we serve about 3000 people. It is a fun job. I also interned at Facebook as a Production Engineer. There, I worked with the Internal Detection team on Hypershell

I have also taken an interest on Machine Learning and have been doing some courses in text processing.

What will you find here?

This website will mostly be a knowledge base for whatever I learn or am learning at the moment. A lot will just be small snippets of interesting code and a small number of extensive posts on some common topics.

Or it will just contain my opinions and/or cat photos. Who the hell knows?